Dre and The Collective:

Dre Anders

When Dre decided to start a band in her hometown of Tampa Bay, she knew it made sense to draw on the celebrated roots of successful and talented bands that cut their musical teeth there, such as Tom Petty and Ray Charles.
Borrowing from many of the best bands and studio musicians in the region, she took those roots and blended them with her Swedish musical heritage, to create something new called Dre and The Collective. It started out as a huge 11 piece band called The Tampa Collective, but through writing and experimentation has ultimately settled into a smaller band that grows depending on where they are and who’s available to play…a collective that flows between the blues, Gospel, folk, rock and Americana…sweetened with the strong melodies Sweden is known for.

Comparisons have already been made to such bands as Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals and First Aid Kit. According to Dre, “To create something new, you need to draw from past sounds and mix them with your point of view, your unique voice and experiences…then go paint your own picture”…and that’s exactly what Dre and The Collective are doing.


IMG_5777Dre and the “Delfest” Collective at Delfest 2015, where Dre and her always present drummer Joey Interrante collaborated with Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury, Cody Kilby, Jason Carter, Alan Bartram, Sierra Hull and Justin Moses–dream team!

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